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[2018-02-23] M&WISE as a Leader of 'Multi-Channel PDF Bill' and 'Image Notice'
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M&WISE as a Leader of 'Multi-Channel PDF Bill' and 'Image Notice' (excerpted from Money Today on Feb. 23, 2018)

M&WISE (CEO Jo Jong-cheol), a company specialized in integrated messaging, has been selected as '2018 Excellent Technology Innovation Company' held by Money Today.

An industry observer said, "M&WISE is leading the industry with its "Multi-Channel PDF Bill" and the more customer-friendly 'Image Notice'".

'Multi-Channel PDF Bill' is a service that sends through various channels including email and text message in attached PDF file the bills, terms & conditions etc. which were previously delivered by mail.

'Image Notice' is a service that sends personalized images in MMS (multimedia messaging service), email, messenger app etc. The company's official said, "'Image Notice' characteristically enables the receiver to read it even without installing a specific viewer," and added, "It can accommodates very many customers, as even those who don't use a smartphone can view the content in MMS."

The official of M&WISE said, "Our service, which allows the user to conveniently check with their mobile phone, is positively received by insurance companies that serve customers in their early or late middle-age," and added, "We can provide customized information by creating systems and delivering messaging services that meet various business environments and needs."
Meanwhile, as an official biz messaging dealer of Kakao Talk, M&WISE will release Kakao Talk Alimtalk Image Notice equipped with security, reliability, and reasonable price.



Source |  http://news.mt.co.kr/mtview.php?no=2018022212043165936